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Wedding Rings

We are manufacturers and we produce wedding rings according to customer's wishes - you can choose golden color, we can change the golden crown, the width of the flowers, add / remove pebbles, make other various changes in the models. Therefore, it's not possible to make all possible variants and, with all possible sizes, produced. For many years, we accept orders for wedding rings from catalogs. In jewelry stores you can buy flowers from what they have - you can order what you want. We will make wedding rings according to your wishes and exact sizes for you. Thanks to our long-standing work experience, we really know how to produce quality and sturdy wedding rings.

The price and weight given in the wedding ring category are for both rings - a pair. In other ring categories - for one ring. Sizes do not affect the price, unless they are abnormally large. In this case, we will propose adding gold to ensure that the rings do not lose quality. In the production of individual rings, it is always possible that the specified weight will differ from the final weight of the rings, since the average weight of the rings of that model is indicated. We try to hit the weight as much as possible with each order during each order. In this case, when the weight does not match the order, we always contact the customer and inform us of the weight mismatch. If we produce lighter rings than the customer has ordered, we always return the customer the money for the gold which he was the payer, but did not actually receive it. Otherwise, when the made rings weigh more than the order was made, it is requested to attach the corresponding amount for the metal before the order is placed.

Comfort fit is a bulge inside the ring to make the finger more comfortable. We make wedding rings with the Comfort fit zone, because wide rings can be nasty, fingertip, finger sweat under the ring at higher temperatures, more difficult to remove and put on, accumulate dirt. In the Comfort fit zone, a smaller part of the ring touches the finger, which does not discomfort the weary ring. If desired, you can leave the middle of the circle smooth, in this case note that you do not want a "comfort fit" when filling out your order.


Often, customers are wondering how much one or another diamond product will cost. Customers are wondering why prices are so different with several options. In general, the price of a diamond is pure, color, shape and processing. These factors also determine the price. It is often a case that a person does not have enough information to compare diamonds according to ct (carats) and the price, but it is very deceptive, because the main factors, as I mentioned earlier, are purity, color, shape and processing. It often misleads people and acquires a poor quality gemstone with a much lower residual value. It should be noted that the assessment of a gemstone placed in an ornament always has a higher probability of weight loss (CT), color or purity, since only an unassembled stone can be accurately estimated. When you receive an assessment from a gemstone from the Lithuanian Explosive House to an ornament, you will always find in the documents a precept that an assessment of 20% of the error is possible.

Some of our products have already been manufactured, and most of them are manufactured only upon receipt of your order. The term is set to approximate and starts to run not from the confirmation of the order, but from when the funds are credited to our bank account. We are not responsible for delay in shipping due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the seller's control. If you would like to receive an order in the above deadline, please contact us by phone +370 671 597 75, it may be possible to make the service faster.

Engagement of couple engagement rings costs an extra 24 euros. When adding an order, add this amount and engrave the text in the notes. We engrave with laser and apparatus.

Due to possible large investments, we do not start orders for individual wedding flowers until the advance is received - (30%) or full payment. The final price of the rings will be presented when the rings are fully made and the exact weight will be known, then we will pay the full price. For the services provided, the goods sold always provide an invoice. The ordering is best done directly on our account, because the payment is not full amount - the extra money is added to the engraving or the amount changes due to the changes.

All our wedding rings are used in the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, we certify the diamonds, issue sales documents, provide guarantees and deliver them for free and securely - directly to your own hands, at any address in Lithuania. We also send abroad for an agreed price. Due to unforeseen circumstances in the event of a Brock, after falling asleep due to our fault, always contact us. Be sure to find a solution that favors you. We have already trusted thousands of customers, trust you and you will have beautiful and quality wedding rings.

We recommend that you choose the desired wedding ring pattern from the photos in the golden colors in the picture without paying too much attention. We can produce rings not only from a combination of golden colors or colors, which are specified in the parameters of the rings, but also to change them according to your wishes. The color of the wedding rings made will be the same as everywhere in reality (red, Russian, yellow or white). Also, we can make all the wedding rings not only from the most popular 585 rubles (14 ct) gold, but also from 375 (9 ct) or 750 (18 ct) gold plated. Changing golden color or crochet will change the price of flowers.

The pure, non-impurities golden color is yellow. The gold color does not depend on the golden age, i.e. Gold of different colors - yellow, red, or white - may be single-breasted.

In production we use pure gold only 999 °. We do not use old products to process new products, which ensures the quality of the product. Our products are 585 ° C, abroad is often marked with a 14-carat mark. All sold products are marked with the markings of the Lithuanian Assay House, as well as the Company's Responsibility. If the jewelry is presented in several colors, the most common color combinations can be chosen according to your wishes, but before you confirm your order, please contact us by e-mail. For mail: info@auksynasvajone.eu or phone number +370 671 597 75 so we can confirm that you can do this.

The size of the ring is equal to its internal diameter in millimeters. This is a standard measure and is everywhere the same (except for some foreign countries). If you have a suitable size ring but you do not know its size, you can use it to slide in with the slider or use this ring size meter. However, this method is not very precise. The exact sizes can be seen at our workshop. If you are uncomfortable with us, you can do it in the nearest jewelry store. Rings can be made in more precise sizes than 0.5. If you know exactly what your size is when filling out your order, check this in the notes, for example: "Mot. # 17.2, Senior # 21.4 ". We can produce rings of 0.1 size. It should be borne in mind that the wider the ring, the larger its size is required. And if it happens that the size of the produced blossoms will not be a bit, it's not a problem, you can adjust it to suit.

You can find our rings table by clicking here.

In the manufacture of rings, we can make individual changes, change the colors of gold, lay them out, put other pebbles, change the thickness of the rings, change the width, build the batteries, make rings and different ranges or even different rings. But before you make an order, please contact us.

Do you like the rings a bit too expensive for you? Contact us, you may be able to make changes that would reduce the price. We always try to find the best option for you in terms of quality and price.

We make all wedding rings with a "comfort fit" area. If you want rings without comfort fit, mark "WITHOUT COMFORT FIT" in the notes in the order.